“Isolation is a dream killer.” – Barbara Sher

Perhaps you can relate to these challenges many women, particularly us mamas face. Are you:

  • Bored out of your mind and leading an unadventurous and unfulfilling life?
  • Feeling trapped or stuck, not sure how to escape or move forward?
  • Feeling unsupported, unappreciated and undervalued?
  • Struggling to be, have, and do it all (perfectly)?
  • Pretending to have it all together and are afraid to admit you don’t?
  • Feeling completely overwhelmed, stressed out, exhausted, and drained from the demands and responsibilities of life?
  • Feeling like you don’t have the luxury of taking the all important “me time” the experts say you should be fitting into your crazy life?
  • Not taking care of yourself and feeling guilty when you do and resentful when you don’t?
  • Feeling like you’re struggling with nearly every aspect of your life and silently suffering?
  • Feeling sad, frustrated, and irritable more than you care to admit?
  • Putting everyone else’s needs first before your own?
  • Smiling and pretending to be happy but are dying inside?
  • Feeling powerless to change your life?
  • Smart, educated and creative but do not feel stimulated or engaged in your work?
  • Aware that you have a purpose but don’t know what it is or how to fulfill it?
  • Pretty much neglecting yourself, in need of a haircut that’s actually a style, a pedicure and a nap? And honestly do you need to lose the weight from the last baby who is now five years old? This is not a criticism because I speak from experience.
  • Mostly consumed with your kids, play dates, laundry, kids projects, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and doing for everyone else but yourself?
  • Missing your old, care-free life before kids?
  • At your wits end but don’t know how to get unstuck and out of this rut you’re in?
  • Dreaming of more freedom to do the things you really want to do?
  • Looking for other women to connect with who are feeling the same frustrations as you?
  • Fantasizing about the day you can pursue your dreams and live a life you truly love?
  • Feeling like you need and want MORE but don’t know what or how to get it?

You might be saying to yourself…

“I have all this education and experience but really nothing to show for it. I really should be further along in my career and in my life.”


“I feel completely alone, unsupported, and powerless to change my life.”


“If only I could quit my job and do what I really want. It’s not fair others get to pursue their dreams while I’m stuck in this job I hate, barely making ends meet. There’s got to be a better way but I just feel so trapped with no way out.”

or maybe you’d say this in a safe place where you knew you wouldn’t be judged…

“I use to have fun and do what I wanted when I wanted. Now if feels like my life belongs completely to my family.  I just need a little bit of freedom to get away from it all for a minute, where I can go to the bathroom in private, watch something besides Doc McStuffins and Frozen, and not have someone needing or demanding something from me every five minutes.”


“I’ve never really been fulfilled and I thought becoming a mother would do that for me and it did for a while but now I’m over it. I know that sounds terrible and I feel guilty for even feeling that way much less admitting it. I’m bored, exhausted, and often frustrated and irritable. I’m constantly losing my temper and screaming at the kids because they’re driving me crazy. This is not how I envisioned motherhood.”


I know I’m talented and smart and creative but I haven’t figured out how to step out of my mommy role and pursue my own interests and dreams. I mean how do you do this motherhood thing and have a life of your own too?”


“I want to love my life but I’m not loving it. I’m tired of the same ol’ routine – the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, the endless errands, chores, and taking care of everyone else but myself. If I have to volunteer for one more school event I’m going to scream. The kids are driving me crazy, my husband/partner is of little help and I sometimes fantasize about running away with the next sexy hot man that looks my way and notices how incredible and amazing I am under this no makeup, yoga-pant wearing facade of pretending I’m loving motherhood and my boring ass life of homemaking. But I really just want my freedom back without having to run away from my family. I want to be more of me. I want to be a great mother and partner but I also want to pursue my own passions and dreams. I want to look and feel like me again and wake up excited about my life. I want MORE and I want it NOW.”

If any of this at all describes how you’re feeling and experiencing life then you are in the right place and you’re not alone.

I have felt all of the above at some point in my life and many of you may be thinking “me too” if you’re not too afraid to admit it.

The sad truth is that many of you don’t want to admit that you feel burdened by motherhood and/or life in general. You feel ashamed for wanting to escape from it all sometimes. You feel guilty for wanting more. You feel less than for not having it all together like all the “other” women you know. And you especially feel the pressure to live a life that is not of your own choosing but instead one that society or your friends and family say you should live.

I’m here to tell you that this is a safe place to feel the way you feel – to feel burdened, overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and out of your mind exhausted and frustrated. It’s okay to want more out of life.

When I was experiencing the most depleting, unhappy and unfulfilling times in my life I felt alone and I suffered in isolation and silence but you don’t have to.

Instead you can join me as a Cultivator of your most amazing and fulfilling life and get the support you need to design and cultivate a life you love and deserve as you nurture yourself and your dreams.

So who is a Cultivator?

  • We are women and we are nurturers and we are on a mission to nurture ourselves and our dreams.

  • We want to transform our lives for the better. We want to make significant life changes that lead to more joy, abundance and fulfillment in life.

  • We don’t just wish to be happier and more fulfilled. We actually take inspired and authentic action to make real changes in our lives.

  • We have a growth mindset and we do the self-reflection and the work to grow and develop themselves because we know that if we do the work and stay the course we will see the transformation we wish to see in our lives. We trust the process.

  • We write a new story and design the lives we want to live. We have a vision. We set intentions and we commit to staying the course. We practice, persist, and patiently progress towards the fulfillment of our vision and dreams one step at a time.

  • We invest in ourselves, our values, our ideas, our passions and our dreams with the commitment of our time, energy and money.

  • We chart our own course and set out to navigate our authentic path with more ease and grace and less stress and struggle.

  • We choose to live in the flow of our lives and let ourselves be guided by the signs and synchronicities of our life. We trust that the natural unfolding of life is always in divine order.

  • We aren’t okay with the status quo. We don’t settle. Instead, we aim to change what’s not working and make things better. We want to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. We want to leave the world a better place.

  • We are on a mission to fulfill our life purpose and actively engage in the journey of realizing our highest potential and self-expression and we help others do the same.

  • We aren’t perfect. We make lots of mistakes but we own our mistakes and try really, really hard to do better next time.

  • We fail often but we treat failure as feedback. We course-correct when we realize we’ve taken a wrong turn. We find a way to push through challenging times and succeed in the long run.

  • We take responsibility for our lives and don’t blame others for our struggles.

  • We tend to our well-being in mind, body and spirit. We value personal development, self-care, and spiritual practice.

  • We understand that life is a journey to be enjoyed and appreciated and that the key to cultivation is taking the scenic route, smelling the roses, and savoring the beauty and sweetness of life.

  • We are visionary and innovative. We Create. Build. Reinvent. Leave lasting Legacies. We change the world.

Do you want to be a Cultivator of your life?

If so then join me on this amazing journey of cultivating lives we love.

I, like you, am a woman who understands the challenges and frustrations of trying to have, be and do it all especially as a mom. I know you are overwhelmed and struggling a bit or a lot to nurture yourself, your family, as well as your passions and dreams all at the same time. I have felt the same overwhelm and struggle. I am a woman like you, who has been lost at sea, searching for my true, authentic path and wondering how I will ever live the life of my dreams.

But I am also a woman who has decided to course-correct, follow my inner compass and navigate my life along the path I really want to travel and I want to help you do the same. I want to support you in getting unstuck and moving forward along your own true path as you cultivate your most authentic and amazing life.

So again please join me as a Cultivator and know that I am committed to sharing insights, information and inspiration with you as a way to support and guide you on your journey of cultivating a life you love.

If you are ready to course-correct and choose you then I invite you to work with me and check out The Flow Mapping Sessions, a self-guided course for cultivating a life you love. And if you’re in the Bay area please join my Meetup group – Bay Area Moms Who Want More!

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Last but not least, please pass it on! If my message resonates with you, then pass it on. We all know someone who may be suffering in silence, so please share this website with your friends and if it’s you that’s suffering or just need a little support then Welcome! You are in the right place.