About NW + My Work

“A healthy woman is much like a wolf: robust, chock-full, strong life force, life-giving, territorially aware, inventive, loyal, roving.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estés

“My life is my message.” – Gandhi

Hi! I’m Nicole Wolf…a Radical Alchemist. Cultivator of my life. Free-spirit. Non-conformist. Always Curious. Explorer + Visionary of possibilities. Pathfinder. Seeker + Messenger of useful yet radical truths. Mentor. Writer. Wife. Unschooling Mom of two. Facilitator. Advocate for green and conscious living. Supporter of all of us being free to honor our desires and cultivate awakened lives we LOVE and DESERVE!

I love great food, cannabis, travel, reading, nature, design, tea parties, dinner parties and all things French.

I also love sharing and writing about how to live a more authentic and fulfilling life, how to practice more self-care, remember who you truly are and discover what you truly want in life so that you can live in your sweet spot.

My mission is to be a messenger of love, light, truth, freedom, and conscious living. I wish to inspire and support others in living their most awakened and conscious life as I do the same. I hope to help others particularly women and children in designing their lives, charting their authentic course and discovering their sweet spot where they are living in their flow, cultivating lives they love, fulfilling their dreams and being who they want to be.

My work is all about supporting you through the process of self-discovery, course-correction, and designing a radical new vision for your life. It is to support you in taking inspired and authentic action towards the fulfillment of your wildest dreams and highest self-expression and of course in getting more of what you really want (and need), whether it’s…

More authenticity, more joy, more self-care, more me time, more play and adventure, more pleasure, more sacred connection, more abundance, more freedom, more spiritual grounding, more affluence, more success, more feminine power, more fulfillment and yes of course, more flow.

I’m here to gently remind you that the Universe supports you on your journey of being who you want to be, doing what you want to do and having what you want to have and every moment and experience has something to offer you and it is simply your job to be present and flexible enough to take what’s being offered and use it for the highest good of yourself and the world you live in.

My vision is for you to use the insights, information and inspiration shared here as a guide along with your inner compass on your journey of cultivating and sustaining a life you love regardless of your current life circumstances and especially as a busy and overwhelmed human being.

The lessons, tools, and resources you find here are offered to help you tap into your innate Flow, to encourage you to take better care of yourself and to show you how to cultivate a more fulfilling life by honoring your deepest and most authentic desires and longings.

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Think of this space in these simple terms…

It is your resource for learning how to design a life you love and navigate the complex journey of life with greater ease and joy especially if you are an overwhelmed mom who is struggling to nurture yourself, your family, as well as your passions and dreams all at the same time.

Just know that it is possible to live a more authentically powerful, fulfilling and joyful life. You just need the right support. 

I am here to be apart of that support system for you. To help you design your life and navigate your journey as you cultivate more of the things you say you want.

…and to share what works for me in getting unstuck, in learning how to choose me, and in finding my way to a happier and more fulfilling life. Because I have been where you are. When my oldest was little, I found myself frustrated, bored, overwhelmed and exhausted from all that comes with being mommy 24/7. I was not taking care of myself or loving my life. I seriously lacked the joy and fulfillment we all crave and I desperately wanted more.

Once I realized what I most needed and wanted I did what many women do when we’re ready because we’ve finally had enough, I course-corrected and started choosing me. I found the courage to start taking authentic and inspired action to elevate my life and to nurture myself and my dreams one step at a time, which has lead me to this place of deepening self-love, more self-care and increasing joy as I honor my authentic self and inner longings. I’m learning how to give myself what I need and want more and more.

But it has only been through a lot of self-reflection and exploration and a commitment to reinvent myself that I have been able to get to this place and I’m still discovering and growing into the woman and mom I truly want to be. It’s a beautiful and frustrating journey all at the same time but it’s so worth it to finally be taking the path of my choosing. This is true freedom.

If this is something you want for yourself then you are in the right place.

I lovingly chose to do this work BECAUSE…

  • I believe we as women need to nurture ourselves and our dreams as much as our children so that we can lead authentic, joyful, beautiful, and fulfilling lives. Because happy and fulfilled women will raise happy and fulfilled children and this will change the world.
  • I believe that even though we are overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed out that we can have a life that we embrace, love and appreciate!
  • As women we have needs and desires and its okay to have them met and supported; I believe that your dreams are important, that your desires matter and that you deserve to fulfill your wildest dreams and deepest desires.
  • I believe it’s possible to nurture your family, yourself and your dreams in a healthy and balanced way.
  • I believe in the power and value of self-care, play, pleasure and passionate living.
  • I believe it’s time for you to choose you and pursue your passionate purpose so that you can fulfill the highest expression of who you are!
  • I believe as nurturing women often taking care of others that we need to play more, practice extreme self-care, make ourselves a priority, celebrate and champion ourselves and each other.
  • I believe you have the birthright and power to live an extraordinary life on your own terms by simply designing and cultivating the life you really want to live.
  • And I believe that when we cultivate our own lives for the better we inspire others to do the same. 

I also know for sure that too many women don’t realize or think it’s okay to take care of themselves and put their needs first, to ask for help, to be pampered and taken care of, to relax, to be lazy in a good way meaning to sometimes practice the art of doing nothing, or to do just a good enough job because they are striving for perfection or don’t won’t to be perceived as selfish and self-centered. I want to help change that. I want women leading amazing and happy lives so that our children can see what is possible for them too.

Please know that it gives me the greatest joy to be able to support you in living in the flow of your own life as you navigate your journey with greater ease as a mom, a partner, and a woman with her own big dreams, deep desires, self-care needs and many passions.

Finally, know that you are not alone, we are in this together and I am on this journey with you wherever you are on your path.

And listen, I don’t have any special degrees or training certificates on my wall. I’m just a woman who has learned through a lot of trial and error and years of pain and suffering, which is a huge teacher once you become conscious enough to see the lesson, which is that pain and suffering really stems from one’s own inauthenticity and continued resistance to the natural flow of life. And when you take into account my own life experiences, especially my twenty plus years of depression and the years I’ve spent seeking the wisdom and truth that would set me free I would say I’m qualify to speak a little bit about how to live a more authentic, joyful and fulfilling life.

Of course I’m also teaching what I most need to learn and I must say I’m good at the teaching part, it’s the practicing of these truths everyday that I sometimes struggle with. But I am determined to continue to learn, grow and cultivate an amazing life for myself and I want to help you do the same by sharing with you the process I have created that is working for me in designing and cultivating a life I love and I believe can work for you too.

So now that you know more about me and my mission, please feel free to reach out and tell me about you and what you want more of. And if you are ready to course-correct, choose you, and design your dream life, I invite you to get my self-guided course, The Flow Mapping Sessions or to work with me  to receive the support you need to get on your most authentic path. I look forward to connecting and soaring together.

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