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My Favorite Things to Gift to YOURSELF!

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Happy Holidays!

With less than a week before Christmas do you have any last minute shopping to do? Have you thought about getting yourself something now that you’ve thought about everyone else? Well you should. Even though the holidays shouldn’t be about giving and getting “things” it can be about showing gratitude for the people in your life and all that they do including yourself.

A prime example of appreciation gifts is the annual teacher appreciation fund which many parents are asked to give to at this time of year and which is well deserved. In fact, I was at my daughters preschool volunteering for a couple of hours a few days ago and I have to say I have a whole new appreciation for her teachers and what it takes to manage twelve rambunctious 3 year olds.  I really don’t know how they do it. When I left I was mentally and physically exhausted.

So of course I have gladly given to the teacher appreciation fund to show my personal appreciation for all they do to care for my child.

I say all this to say that you as a mama deserve a bit of gratitude too for all you do but unfortunately we’re often not shown such gratitude whether it’s a simple thank you or a token of appreciation.

No worries! You can pat yourself on the back and give yourself a gift of appreciation.

I just so happen to have a few suggestions. Here are 12 of my favorite things to gift to oneself (or other mamas you want to spread the love to). Pick one or two of my or your favorite things to gift to yourself this year and if you really want to splurge make yourself a self-care package that you can draw from on those days you’ve just had enough and need a break and a bit of pampering!

Flannel pajamas


DKNY ‘Wishlist’ Pajamas at Nordstrom $68


Ghirardelli Chocolate


Ghirardelli Chocolate $4.25

These are my two favorites! What’s yours? Chocolate is of course a guilty pleasure that one should indulge in often.


French Triple Milled Soap


 La Lavande Ocean Bar at World Market $4.99


Molton Brown


The Pink Pepperpod Trio Bath & Body Gift Set $100


Voluspa Candles


 Santiago Huckleberry Glass Jar Candle at Anthropologie $26




Jasmine Pearls Green Tea $23.99


Nap Socks


Super soft NAP Socks (3 pairs) at Brookstone $19.99


Chanel No. 5


No.5 Eau de Parfum Classic Bottle $130




 The Classic Tall Ugg $195


Nap blanket


Ultra-cozy Nap Luxe Blanket at Brookstone $49.99


The Self Care Book


The Art of Extreme Self-Care by Cheryl Richardson is a must read $9.99 on Kindle


A massage, a facial, ok a whole spa day!


Check out Spafinder to find a spa near you! $60 – $350


So hopefully you’re inspired to treat yourself to something nice over the holidays. You and I both know you certainly deserve it!

As always Take Care of You,


Next Steps:

1. Go shopping for YOU! Or if spending money on yourself is not an option this year, just give yourself a break!

2. Leave a comment with your favorite things you like to splurge on for yourself.

3. Stop stressing over the holidays and RELAX a bit! That’s an order.

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