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Remove the Stones that Block Your Flow

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

Mark Nepo shares with us in “The Stones at Chimayo” from The Book of Awakening, a story about how over time, the stones in a riverbed get pushed about in such a way that they can block the flow of water and they must be picked up and put back so that the water can continue. Nepo says that “the weather of simply living jams things up, and we, like every generation before us, must roll up our pants and sleeves, step into the river, and unclog the flow.”

The stones he is referring to are “made of habits of not: not seeing, not hearing, not feeling, not being present, not risking the truth, not risking the heart’s need to live out in the open.” So you must ask yourself what are you not allowing to flow freely deep within? How are you getting in your own way of living authentically?  Of being real and living your truth out loud? How are you being lazy and not taking responsibility for your own life?

The stones that block your flow come in many forms. The most obvious are in the form of negative emotions and reactions.

Resentment, fear, anger, guilt, blame, and control are all about holding on to something that doesn’t serve you and therefore they block your flow and ability to move forward in life. Negative emotions blind you to what’s real and possible and keep you stuck in a place that doesn’t allow you to see the opportunities for growth before you.

Then there’s complacency, laziness and being uncommitted, irresponsible, and fearful. Again these states of being block the flow of your life and keep you from growing, moving forward, and realizing your potential.

If you want to remove the stones that block your flow you must forgive yourself and others, let go of your anger, say you’re sorry, have faith, stop judging, show up, do the work, take risks, be present, walk through your fears, be flexible, be vulnerable and courageous, say no when you want to say no, say yes to new opportunities, love, give, share, be open and compassionate, speak your truth, act on your intentions, give a damn!

Don’t expect someone else to remove your stones. You’ve got to do the heavy lifting…if you want YOUR life to flow with greater ease.

I’m just saying.


How are you blocking your flow and what stones do you need to remove? Please share below what’s getting in the way of your flow as well as any insights and comments you want to offer.

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