Self-care Must-Haves + Must-Do Rituals + Resources

I am all about self-care, the sweetness of life, pleasure, luxury and ease. So I spend a good deal of time looking for and researching all the fab products, services, brands, ideas, rituals and resources that will help me experience those things. I will be adding my favorites and even a few I haven’t tried but would love to one day.

I am not endorsing anything here and I’m definitely not an affiliate of any product here except for books I list. I’m simply sharing things I love that can possibly support you in cultivating your own self-care and self-love rituals and experiences. When I can I will also give the high-low price options for comparable products.

Rest + Relaxation

Feel the luxury with these comfy cozy luxe blankets and loungewear.

BFDreams Blanket

BBB Blanket

BF Dreams Pajamas    robe


The art of doing nothing









Bath + Body

A beautifully-scented, candlelit bubble baths exudes the essence of self-care so here are a few things you might love for this tried and true self-care ritual.


Lotus-Santal-Bubble-Bath-0170070107-470    candles_jomalonetubcaddy1hires_1024x1024    hotel towels  TBG813-Molton-Brown-pink-pepper-shower-gel-lotion-gift-set-for-her-Valentine-2013-L    Thymes-Lotus-Santal-2