Simply put, these are just some of the people who have made a difference in my life in big and small ways, who have been my teachers and inspiration for my own work. They are doing incredible things in the world and if I were having a dinner party and could invite anyone I wanted these are some of the people I would have over to exchange ideas with and talk about our latest efforts to reshape the world.

Of course many of the names you may know and be familiar with but if not I invite you to step into the world of these thought leaders who have over the years so influenced my own growth and healing.

Marianne Williamson

As the leading expert on The Course In Miracles, Marianne is widely known for her book, A Return to Love, as well as countless other books and teachings based on the Course.

Deepak Chopra

Deepak’s teachings are food for your soul. One of his numerous gems is The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams. He also wrote The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents, and Lord knows we can all use some spiritual wisdom in the parenting department.

Eckhart Tolle

If you haven’t read The Power of Now or A New Earth, get them now. Just having these books in your possession will raise your consciousness. Okay that may be a stretch but really, read his work and be elevated.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

If you’re a wild woman like me then Clarissa’s Women Who Run with the Wolves will speak to you.

Caroline Myss

Caroline will help you figure out your Sacred Contract – your life assignment or mission based on the archetypes your soul and psyche are encoded with. Deep stuff! Way too deep to explain here but Caroline will enlighten you.

Brene Brown

The world is buzzing about Brene and her book, Daring Greatly. If you need some courage to do something great listen to her Ted Talk and read her book. It’s life changing.

Danielle LaPorte

I truly believe Danielle and I are kindred spirits. Maybe it has to do with the fact we share the same birthday (May 25th). She speaks my language. She exudes authenticity. She is just a kick-ass sorcerer of womanly wisdom.

Leo Babauta

Zen Habits. Need I say more. Besides Leo likes to keep it simple.

Hiro Boga

Hiro can show you how to consciously create and grow your business by being in partnership with the soul of your business.

Marie Forleo

Marie is simply Brilliant and funny as shit. I cannot say enough about her business and life skill nuggets that she presents every Tuesday on MarieTV. Just be prepared to LOL, take notes and get into action.

Chris Guillebeau

Chris is all about non-conformity and being unconventional, which I love. He has visited every country in the world. Yes you read that right. With that said, if you want to travel the world or pursue some other huge dream, Chris is the guy to help you navigate world travel, make big things happen, and buck the system.