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What is flow?

Holgi / Pixabay

Holgi / Pixabay

“Energy flows where it is easiest for it to go.” – Robert Fritz

Even though I talk a lot about moms needing to nurture themselves and their passions my message is really about consciously living in the flow or what I call the FLOW Way of Life which I’ve written a mini guide about that you will receive FREE if you sign up for free weekly email updates (see above or below for the sign up box.) I explain what I mean by Flow in the guide but thought I’d give you a brief synopsis here as a quick reference.

So, What is Flow?

Flow is the natural, nonresistant and authentic unfolding of your life.

It is being in harmony with the Universe. When you mindfully live in your flow you navigate life with greater ease and realize your highest potential by taking inspired and authentic action in every area of your life. In other words, living in your flow is a way of life that leads to cultivating your most joyful and fulfilling life.

Flow is the path of least resistance leading the way to joy, abundance, and fulfillment in the here and now.

When you go with the flow, you surrender and allow your life to naturally and effortlessly fall into place even in difficult and challenging times.

Life is full of twists and turns, ups and downs, peaks and valleys, happy times and sad times, but you don’t have to stress and struggle when faced with the challenges and complexities of life.  Instead you must learn to surrender and flow with the realities and natural rhythms of life including the challenges, disappointments and setbacks which are often meant to help you grow and evolve or are just apart of your life’s experience and path which ultimately leads to your greatest good.

Doing this means you don’t resist what is because you know it will all work itself out in the end. Everything will be alright. There is always a silver lining even if you can’t see it yet. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I know these are all popular clichés but it’s true.

When you surrender and stop resisting what is, you will witness your life unfold in powerful and miraculous ways no matter what you are going through. You are able to fearlessly face the everyday challenges of life because you trust Divine Order as a universal truth that works in your life, even in the face of the unknown, uncertainty, and the difficult circumstances you find yourself in.

This is easier said than done which is why I’m doing this work, to help us all more consciously and consistently live in the flow of our lives no matter what. It must become a practice and I’m here to learn and teach the principles and practices of flow. I’ve chosen moms to focus on, well, because I’m a mom and I can totally relate to the unique struggles we face that often block our flow and keep us stuck in unfulfilled, overwhelming, and passionless lives. So I want to use this platform to talk about the principles, intentions and behaviors of this practice and relate it to our lives as moms but know that these truths apply to everyone.

With that said I want us mamas to know that in order to be at peace and to lead more joyful lives you must follow the path of least resistance and allow your life to divinely unfold and lead you to your ultimate good, to the miracles that await you on the other side of disappointment and pain. You must allow your life to unfold in harmony with the Universe as it directs you on your journey to reaching your highest potential.

Here’s what else you need to know…

Flow is manifested out of the freedom to do what comes naturally, to do what feels right and resonates with you in each moment.

Flow is experienced when you are authentic – freely and fully expressing who you are and doing what feels intuitively right for your life in every moment. The experience of flow is a feeling of “resonance” and connectedness to your truth and purpose determined by whether what you are doing and being is working or not and whether you are creating and living the life you desire to live. When your life is working and clicking, you feel like you’re on the right path, the right track at the right time.

If it doesn’t feel right in terms of what you’re doing, saying, believing and how you’re showing up in life then you may want to reexamine what it is you want and need and what you want to give and receive from the moment and then commit to make the shift. Followed by authentic and inspired action to create a new reality, new behavior, or to change the unhelpful tape in your mind and develop a new perspective. Remember, you have to Remove the Stones that Block Your Flow.

Basically we can say that…

Flow happens when your life choices and decisions are in alignment with your values, with life’s purpose – to love and be loved, and with your highest inner self.

When you make choices for your life you have to ask yourself whether you are following your heart, your inner guidance and intuition and doing what feels right for you or whether your choices are governed by fear and the influences of others. You will not experience flow when you follow the expectations and demands of friends, family, your peers or society. However, when you tap into your authentic power and courageously live on your terms your life flows and unfolds with ease, it falls into place and unfolds miraculously.

Flow is also the creative energy and life force that moves your life forward in remarkable ways and opens the door to experiences and opportunities that make life so rich and fulfilling. 

Consciously living in the Flow is about inviting that life force also called Divine Intelligence or simply, God or the Universe, to work in and through your life helping you realize all the greatness you have within waiting to shine forth in the world.

You may often feel stuck, unable to move your life in the direction you want it to go, towards a greater vision you have for your life. However, when you are mindful enough to tap into your authentic power, the life force of Flow is awakened and miraculously moves your life forward in remarkable ways. This energy is always available to you, willing to help you cultivate an amazing and fulfilling life. Doors will fly open and mountains will move when you say yes to a bigger life and show up with your A game, ready to play. Flow is the fuel that keeps your life moving in the direction of your dreams and it is the creative energy that makes a way for you to realize your potential when you can’t see one.

Remember that Flow speaks to you through your intuition and divine inspiration and when you take inspired action you end up moving through everyday life and its inherent challenges with greater ease and grace and living a truly authentic life.

Being able to hear this inner guidance requires you to be mindful, awake, and fully attentive to the inner whisperings of your heart and soul. There are signposts everywhere guiding you on your journey of self-discovery and becoming more of yourself. There is synchronicity that speaks to you through the events, experiences and happenings of your life suggesting a course of action or next step that keeps you on the path of realizing your full potential. The message here is that you have to pay attention and take the roads that keep you on the path of living an authentically powerful, joyful and fulfilling life in the here and now.

So I ask you how are you currently living in your flow or how are you not living in your flow? What can you do differently to get in the flow? Please leave your thoughts, comments and insights below. This is a conversation we all need to start having especially for those who want and need more clarity on how to live in their flow no matter what.

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