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What is Your 80/20 Brilliance?


“He that is everywhere is nowhere.” – Thomas Fuller

Richard Koch wrote a book, The 80/20 Individual – How to Build on the 20% of What You Do Best, which encourages us to use our most creative 20 percent to be more successful at work and in life. The theory behind the book is that 20 percent of our efforts lead to 80 percent of our desired results, in other words you can accomplish more by doing less. The 80/20 Principle is derived from the Pareto Principle or the “Rule of the Vital Few” which states that 80 percent of results flow from 20 percent of causes – meaning “most of what exists in the universe – our actions, and all other forces, resources, and ideas – has little value and yields little results; on the other hand, a few things work fantastically well and have tremendous impact.”

So the question today is what is your 20 percent mojo?

If you are remotely struggling with identifying and putting to work your 20 percent I strongly suggest you read The 80/20 Individual if you want Koch to help you identify what you do best and to find out how you can put your unique talents and abilities to work by mastering the Nine Essentials of 80/20 Success. I won’t go into the essentials here, I’ll let you read the book, but one essential you will have to implement once you figure out how to tap into you most creative 20 percent is to find others who can deliver on the 80 percent of what you don’t excel at.

That’s right, you shouldn’t waste your time and energy plugging away at things you don’t do well and that don’t directly get you the results you seek. Find out what your 20 percent brilliance is and then delegate, eliminate, or automate as much of the 80 percent of what you do that dulls your light, clogs your creative wheels, and yields little results. Even as I’m writing this I am reminded that I need to focus more on what I’m good at and less on the things that get me absolutely nowhere. I suggest you do the same. We’ll both see far better results in the end.

Call to Action:

1. Eliminate, Automate, Delegate everything that isn’t absolutely necessary for you to do and doesn’t allow you to focus on your best work.

2. Read The 80/20 Individual for more insight into discovering your 80/20 mojo.

3. Share your questions or comments below to get the support and encouragement you need to do what you’re great at.

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